Introduction of company

The Charismatic Industry Group (CIG) was established with the mission of producing OEM products for large manufacturing units. To product specialized products for kitchen sink, at first the company established three functional units that included raw material supply, plastic parts manufacturing and metallic parts manufacturing.

CIG extended its business overtime and developed other units and subset firms. This time CIG consist of three companies:

  1. Sareban Sanat Sabz Co.

This company is acting in engineering materials producing, recycling of polymeric materials, and garbage disposal manufacturing.

Polymeric products of this company is used in kitchen and home appliances and automobile parts manufacturing. The company uses PP, Polyamide and ABS in its production process.

Along environmental responsibility and sustainability policy the company pursues the goal of maximize usage of minimum non-renewable resources. In recycling sector, the company acts to return the indecomposable materials to the consumption chains in diverse and usable goods. 

  1. Shimikaran-e Jelodar Co.

This company is active in the production of polymer products. It manufactures tubes and fittings, polymer cutting boards, automatic siphons for kitchen sinks and a variety of sink bags and home appliance parts. Shimikaran-e Jelodar Co. has planned to produce the world's first electronic siphon. This product will be marketed in the near future.

  1. Karizgaran Nab Sanat Co.

The company specializes in the manufacturing of metal sanitary accessories, including, liquid soap dispenser for kitchen sink, metal pipes and fittings, and wash basin accessories.