After Sales Services

 In order to benefit from the gurantee please pay attention to the following points:

  1. When buying goods, make sure the product is faultless and unused.
  2. Guarantee cards without hologram label and the seller's signature will not be authentic.
  3. After purchase, to make sure you get the original goods, call to telephone numbers that written on the back of the card and check the guarantee code.
  4. When applying after-sales service, please provide the original version of the guarantee card and the purchasing invoice to the server.
  5. A product that the name of the company is not specified or is cleared for any reason and cannot be identified is not covered by the guarantee.
  6. Any physical damage, lesions resulting from shock, fall, transport, contact or penetration of chemicals, fire or extreme heat lead to cancelation of guarantee.
  7. Siphons have 5-year guarantee and 10-year warranty.